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Our Pacific Northwest Story

Our roots are in farming, but we've branched out to offer some of the most unique pantry and gift items from around the amazing Pacific Northwest.

In 2017, Sound Sustainable Farms was started in Redmond, WA with the goal of promoting sustainability, farming, and eating local.   At the farm, we use compost created from restaurant food waste as a primary nutrient input in our fields.  The organic produce grown is then provided to the same restaurants that started the process by diverting food waste to composting, rather than filling up the landfills with methane producing organics. 

In 2022 we opened a farm stand, to make this produce available to the general public. 

We quickly realized that our farm stand could do much more than just sell produce from our farm- it could also offer a variety of products from local small businesses. 

Washington is our home, as well as the home of all the businesses we currently help support.  Because there are so many amazing items created here in the PNW, we don't need to look any further than our own backyard in order to carry a large selection of unique gifts, gourmet foods, and sweet treats. Now we can offer these amazing local products to your friends and family across the country!


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